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Sunday 20 November 2011

GQRP Valve Day 2011 (20th November)

The line up this year... HRO RX,  Homebrew 'Scounger' 6V6 TX with crystals and components from all over. My 'new' valve rig is a Codar AT5 which is 80m and 160m CW and AM. antennas are a G5RV (very soggy and will not tune too much condensation in air) and a 6BTV vertical.

Here I'm setting it up the Codar AT5 after cleaning up the inside a little. The meter is duff so I was hoping to swap in a new 100mA meter but although hole and mount screws match the meter is too big... rats so it is sitting by the rig. I get the dip on the meter on the right for now.

I put a plea into GQRP list to see if anyone might have had one of these meters in the junk box and seems I'm lucky so hopefully will not be operating this way too long.

This is the other operating bench, FT897, MFJ993 tuner (top left almost out of picture), I use a Winkey interface with the valve TX and Wintest s/w on the laptop. PSU is a Sharman Multicom PS-SPS250A (switch mode supply and no probelms with RFI) and a Palstar PS-04 that runs all the 12V and 5V (I added 5V output to the read) gadgets on the bench.

I just added a run of CAT5e (buried 18" below ground) to the shack and do not use a wifi connection anymore so the shack now has a reliable internet connection and the common mode chokes (FT240-61 torroids) on at each end seem to have stopped any RF causing issues.

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