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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Water slide decal paper?

Anyone using laser or inkjet printer water slide decal paper?
If so where did you get it, any good and any hints?

If like me you made Airfix models as a youngster you'll remember it well.

As you can see phiotos from the blog I have used a CD pen and a brother label printer until now for simple ID labels, but I want to try and print some front panels with dials. I experimented with one option and it is possible to use normal non-gloss photo paper, print it in reverse and just like PCB fabrication iron on (the ink bonds to the pcb) and then 'wet' the paper and carefully rub it off but results are a bit hit and miss and you obviously cannot use on either plastic or a painted surfaces.

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Eldon R. Brown SR said...

The following link is to my Ham Radio blog, the search is on PCB projects and adventures. It may help find an easy way to build PCB's.

Just for fun, I was able to produce PCB's with 5mil traces with 7mil spacing.

Near the last entry is a link to "PCB Fab in a Box" which is my source for TT Decal material.

Sorry, I did not include on the blog a lot of details of how I used the decal material.

Good luck, and I hope you find it as easy as I.

Eldon - WA0UWH -