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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Stereo input for PSK on Asus eeePC

Just asked about this..

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> Sent: Sat, 6 February, 2010 21:34:59
> Subject: PSK31 on an Asus EEE?
> Good day Dominic,
> I caught a note from you a couple of years back about using an ASUS pc mic
> input for IQ input. Do you know if the newest EEEs also have a true stereo
> in? I work mostly 40m QRP CW, but I'm thinking about building a PSK31
> transceiver for 20m and I'm trying to find a light, portable PC with good
> battery life to use with it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

There is a eee forum... do a google for it and ID the chip.

The two eeepc I have (401G) 100% have quad input channels but using only 1!

That said even most consumer specs say stereo inputs on most laptops these days.

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