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Thursday, 25 February 2010


Recent questions on this on GQRP list about the docs for the setup of a TCVR using a set of boards from Kanga a few years ago... basicalkly starts off with the ONER TX from George Burt GM3OXX

> SPRAT has them all...
> SPRAT 45 Pages 4 & 5 ONER TX
> SPRAT 53 Pages 4 & 5 ONER VFO
> SPRAT 54 Pages 16 & 17 ONER 'IMP' RX
> SPRAT 56 Pages 3 ONER changeover and wiring for the whole setup on page 4.
I only know as I put the components together to build, in an OXO tin and printed them off (GQRP CD has the SPRAT as PDF).

I had to sub in a few things though.
IRF510 for VN10KM (N channel mosfet)
2N3906 and 2N3904 were used where NPN and PNP appeared.
I used J310 instead of 2N3819 in the VFO and RL1 from the ONER changeover was DPDT relay PCB mount version from Jabdog.

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