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Tuesday 12 January 2021

Mast clamps

Will possibly save using so much electrical tape putting up the masts.

I use telescoping fishing poles a lot and one issue I notice is that I can end up using a lot of electrical tape to secure the sections. Investigated a few options, including using square section rubber tube (with 4mm releasing cable ties inside) which works quite well. Got to thank TX6G for that hint.

Investigating another option and making up some make clamps from old cycle inner tube, heat-shrink and stainless hose clamp set, you cut the clamp to length.

Raw materials:

First clamp (for base section): Not perfect, I'll get better!

It is a layer effect... heatshrink about some cycle innertube, the clamp runs through so the mast will have the heatshrink and rubber between it and the clamp.

You cut the rubber and feed it through first then the clamp section and then heat it into place. Feed the tail into the end and feed it in.

Saw something like this on M4A, G6UW antennas a while back and 'found' I had a bag of bits to make it and through might be fun. I expect need to add some labels on them with white permanent marker and short length of clear heat-shrink over?

One down, 11 sections per 10m travel pole to go, few less on the longer masts.

Got 70 odd clamps and the metal strip you cut to length and plenty of old innertube and heatshrink.

I have a 7mm hex driver, I need to get a 6mm one for these.

Should make fixing the masts a bit easier. Might not be faster.

I think Spiderbeam or a DL had a similar website.

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