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Saturday 9 January 2021

GM328 Put into case and initial tests

 Ran it off a desktop power supply measured at 9.1V DC.

Screen reports 9.1V DC.

Ran through the self test using 100nF capacitor and a set of joined wires to short probes 1-2-3

A 33nf capacitor with this reported as 33.29nF which tallied with another tester.

Bit cold in workshop right now so will post a few more images of random junk box/salvaged components then pick this up another day but on face of it seems to be working fine.


Unknown said...

Mine is 2017 version 1.12K
I might see if can be updated but at £4 might be easier to just buy another and hack the uPC.

Unknown said...

Interestingly you can also use for R and C and even a voltage measurement.

Resistance Measurement: Max. 50MΩ
Resistance Resolution: 0.01Ω
Capacitance Measurement: 25pF~100mF
Capacitance Resolution: 1pF
DC Voltage Measurement: Up to 50V