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Wednesday 5 September 2018

Fitted some longer arm microswitches to the Y axis of the PCB CNC

Set a job running, it was all running fine but found the CNC had happily reset it's origin after 1st PCB was milled (8 pcb on the same bit of PCB/FR4), As the shorter armed microswitch had not triggered when it was supposed to. The sacrificial table cover had been milled instead for the next 7. Oops.

So swapped out the Y axis micro switches for some longer arm ones instead.

Think I might look at 3D printer Raspberry Pi and Octoprint / Octolapse type functionality with a small camera so can catch issues. I think there is a Prontoneer Raspberry Pi CNC shield that is basically the same as the Arduino one but you aslo get the Raspberry Pi control.

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