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Sunday, 25 February 2018


Need to be sure the ATS-3B doesn't get powered by more than 11V.

The homebrew PSU (ex PC ATX supply and switchable 110V or 230V) will go to 13.4V which would be terminal.

I used to have a QBSA but sold it (big mistake). Anyway going through setup for latest trip and realised need a way to control the voltage that the ATS3B will be powered with so built something based on the QBSA (from KD1JV) section. Where you take the main shack supply and use an LM317 to provide an adjustable output voltage.

Used part of an ebay module kit that uses the same LM317 and has a voltage display and has a handy 5V circuit. LM317T for ATS3B is good to 1.5A

I omitted the AC diode bridge (4 diodes) as I don't need them and just added a wire.

and squeezed into an Aluminium box (will add an arduino nano frequency display and VSWR later) with a set of DC leads (and 2 amp inline fuse)
 to the PSU and a 2.1/0.7mm barrel connector

to the ATS-3B.

Thinking might fit these bits plus the basic PSU and the basic SO2R into an EC2 enclosure (have one spare). Then if travelling with K2 etc again (likely) will reduce the number of units.

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