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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

ATS3B in C6 be careful else you'll kill the PA!

Had a quick email from another ATS3 fan, "please don't connect the ATS3B up to a poorly matched antenna it might result in tears before bedtime".

I built mine back in 2009. This was just before adding the C to the band modules. Added 60m as well to it since then.

So just to calm those interested, I have a nice phono to BNC adapter so I'll take the signal out from this and feed it into the £10 (what cost me see Elecraft T1 ATU I made up years ago with it so the Pa will be 'protected' to a degree.

I'll also take a few BS170 with me just in case Murphy becomes an operator.

The ATU will probably be a bit redundant though initially as antennas will be mono band & resonant too, I'll use a KD1JV, to be sure they are before use.

qrpkits photo I'll swap with my own this evening.

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