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Tuesday 5 September 2017

4SQ why homebrew you can buy all the bits :-)

One email was interesting.... I'll not reveal the sender.

In essence they asked... 4SQ why suggest anyone homebrew you can buy all the bits :-) I guess you can for a price. So lets just take this as an example... probably one of the more 'popular' hybrid controllers, this one even has a send the signal to all 4 a the same time option (expensive to add that bit I am sure!)

£598.99   Inc VAT

The 75 ohm matching cables £ 420 Inc VAT

You then have the actual 4 GP verticals, coax feeder to the control box, a 12-14V power supply that will switch the relays.  Very very conservatively add another £600 Inc VAT

That gives you a system that will cost about c£1500

Amusing to say the least.

Ok it is capable of KW+ and no construction or figuring out required. Well not much anyway, use a tape measure to layout the antennas and then screw a few PL259/SO239 together.

I'm going to see what a homebrew system for 40 might actually cost for qrp fans. Decent enclosures, so IP56 or better outside, powder coated Ali for the shack, masts and all cables and connectors included and pre-measured as an option as well. I will probably do the same for one using KW capable parts for those DX trips, and another for UK home and club use 100W/400W. I wonder if anyone would be interested? Contact me if you are as would be interesting to see what the interest is.

Might even see about using a 5th element as per the NCJ article a while back.

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