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Tuesday 14 March 2017

E51KTA antenna fun and games...

20m is great, the 30m 4SQ had zero results (ok handful of qso bit not enough to keep it.)
40m antenna here has almost no directivity so when hear UK/EU hear all JA, NA/VK etc as well :-(
So going to try an put up a 2 el 40m vert array, I don't want to switch and will just direct to UK then it is down to what I have to hand.
Got a 30m 4 sq I'll canibalise it for this as not worth carrying on with 30m right now as done what I wanted to do
with it. Means got the two 40m GP's and radials (got extra wire)... but it is the phasing lines...
The antennas are 2mm diameter insulated wire supported on a 10m pole (extra section added so they are long enough)
and the radials are 1.5mm insulated wire, all a quarter wavelength long.
The feedpoints will be on the ground maybe 0.25m above ground as are the radials.
As independnt 40m GP they are fine.
The antennas are spaced at 13.5 metres, ideally feed lines should be electrical 1/4 wavelength coax and the
phasing line will also be an electrical 1/4 wave so you end up with 1/4 on one side and 1/2 on the other.
The main feed from the shack is decent 50ohm.
I need to be sure know what length of 75ohm 0.83 vel factor (KNOWN) I need to create the two sides for 40m verts before I cut it?
I have calculated them but now going to wait before proceeding.
Not sure I have enough, I got four new 6m lengths each with one PL259
on one end so got one go at this.
All element and radial connectors are brass M5 bolts and wing nuts (got spares) and the T junction etc...

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