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Thursday 16 February 2017

E51KTA Propagation and notes

After speaking to a few, looking at my own logs, recent ZL activations and reading up from DXtrip websites etc.... I think this is how it might go..

The most interesting propagation will occur about local sunrise and sunset, 30m and 40m will suddenly come alive as it gets dark and might die again just after dawn, 12m,15m and 17m will show some odd openings at this time. So I expect I will park the SDR RX on then and watch for activity. During the day there might be very little to work, a few USA or Japan on 15. I expect that will be the time for sleep and tourist bits.
On 40/30/20 the pattern I had seen is that a few weak 4Z/RA/S5/SVs would appear through the UA/US/JA stations, never getting that loud so might have to request JA to stand by and as the opening slowly worked westwards OK/DL/I/F/EA would be heard. Hopefully then some EI/G
The openings never seemed to spread very far north from KH8. Advised that the antipodal point (direct other side of the world) for E5 is about 15E 20N. Towards the end of the openings from KH8 (relatively close) the EAs were quite strong. When heard JA stations I heard a lot of JA. NA West Coast but not much east of Chicago.
Conditions varied quite a bit from day to day so I hope I might maintain contact with some in EU otherwise.

I'll have SotaBeams wspr setup with me to watch the spots. I should have the Ultimate from qrplabs doing the QRSS thing too.

I don't expect the internet but if it appears I might twitter where I am operating.

Operations on 80 will use a vertical and 160 might take place IF I can be sure antenna is OK.

My location for BERU will be on the WEST COAST of the island 

which should mean most paths (see great circle) are OK except to SA which doesn't mater anyway as the centre volcanic hills might block that direction.

Please remember those with beams in UK the short path to E5 is the same bearing as VE7(330) rather then ZL(14) or VK(60). So don't point in the wrong direction please.

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