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Wednesday 18 June 2014

What kits did I mean in the post about buying kits from US?

I guess not everyone knew about these so here goes links to some web sites:

Hardrock-50 50W PA loosely based on and improved version of ARRL 50W PA challange entry 2010.

The winner for the sub $125 category in that same contest was W6JL and the design is seriously cheap you will find his build has been used in a lot of 100% homebrew builds so not a kit really but should appear in his list. This link is to one of the better sites about it. ARRL members can down load the article.

Elecraft KXPA100
The very long time to market 100W PA from Elecrft that is primarily for the KX3
They say built and kit.... the kit is a screwdrver kit, no soldering.

Same site/page and you will find all the other Elecraft goodies. KX3, P3, K3, PX3 (P3 for KX3)


Flex Radio

Waters and Stanton

Martin Lynch and Sons

QPProject (Germany) then select the English Pages

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