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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Amateur Radio in languages other than English

I have a radio project that has been on the back burner for a while but I'm going to kick it off again. Rummaging at a rally a few years back I came across a text from 1950 by DL1CU and OH2SQ, Ham's Interpreter that had many common (at the time) phrases that can be used on air or wherever you would operate radio in one language available for translation to another. A redit for radio so to speak.

I will rework it and I am also going to make it available electronically, probably in kindle, epub and pdf format (although I might sell paper copies through lulu).

To make it a bit more interesting I might look to add in some recordings in different languages. So if you see me at an event with a sound recorder you know why now.

I have a feeling that I should add some other languages that are in frequent use and there are thousands of amateurs using those as first languages and the original text ignored. Also there are some exchanges common in some modes that were simply not used 50 years ago. This is not about becoming fluent in other languages but providing the basics so that communication can happen. I am sure many others, like me have experienced on air both at home and whilst operating DX exchanges that were not in English.

If it adds the ability to make one extra qso then surely it's worth it.

I am sure this isn't a new idea....


ve3axl said...

I have always thought that responding with a few basic phrases in another persons language shows respect.
It can also create some interesting experiences!

M1KTA said...

Exactly... having been in the position where I was able to respond with a few pigeon phrases it was welcome. It can help if you can explain, even if only in stilted phrases what radio is off air as well.

I am especially aware that some languages really seem to be ring fenced for some so I hope to be able to unearth a few phrases and include them too.



Roger G3XBM said...

The RSGB used to sell a book with basic QSO data in 6 languages. Worth republishing it.

Roger G3XBM

Roger G3XBM said...

The RSGB used to publish a book with QSO data in 6 languages.Wortha new edition.

M1KTA said...

Thanks Roger I will look for it 72 Dom

Anonymous said...

Hi Dom
Its on line as a ,PDF file, I have a copy downloaded if you want.
I used this as a book in '70s early 80s until it was lost!!