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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Beginning to populate the shack...

Weather station now added.

This will carry realtime (ish) data. I need to port this over to a raspberry pi at some point instead of the laptop it is using right now.

KX3 station

This little gizmo just turned up from G3CWI (Sota Beams).

Here are a couple photos of mine showing off one of my KX3 #1082 all the connectors are not Elecraft ones.

The stand was in a bag, without instructions but even though could of, as did later, looked at the photos on the SOTA Beams website it is pretty obvious to work out how it went together. Later I find I had left a couple of rubber sticky feet in the bag and a length of edge trim that would fit onto the base.

You need and should open the KX3 feet and that sort of slot over the stand.

The stand is neatly cut from a perspex type material and holds the KX3, raised but at the perfect angle for desktop use.  As I do not have one I'm not sure how that would be with the KXPD3 CW paddle thingy that would plug in just to the left of the callsign in the photos. But the stand is big enough for it.

When in the shack the is great and it holds the KX3 in the right position when operating and you can get all those cables out of the way simply. I'll have to think if I'll use when /P as I tend to toss anything out of the bag that is not 100% essential to keep weight down (it weighs next to nothing).

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