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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Active from SM7UCZ QTH

Today was a mostly non-radio day and did a 45 mile cycle ride about the coast of far South East Sweden.

When got back ... a couple contacts on 20m to Italy from Johnny SM7UCZ qth using his loop antenna. OY/M1BXF pile up still going :-)

Reports that I was loud for qrp station welcome but really am only 5W from KX3 (no not running the 10W possible).

Dinner of REAL Swedish meatballs (not those amorphous IKEA things) and Reindeer meat stew and potatoes from north Sweden.

Off to Soderkoring (spelling... I will correct) tomorrow to cycle down the canal.... same thing on mid summers night. Might be qrv SM/M1KTA. Will be on EU-037 after that.

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