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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mini QRP DXpedition to EU-138 Utlangan

Activated EU138 18th June.

Crossing was by ferry about 200 Swedish Krone (about £25 for three one way)

Crossing is through the EU-138 Archipeligo and so many pretty islands. All could count but I wanted to activate the most south and the lighthouse. No Utlipann this trip maybe next one (25km further off shore)

Crossing WX was flat calm, almost a mirror and 27 degrees !

The point thing on the left was a human powered crane that used to lift stuff off boats. Modern version next to it.
Very wierd anti radar shaped Swedish naval boat.

This long building is where they made ropes originally.
Solid rock!
Polish cargo ferry... Stella Line

The yacht bobbed about like a cork!

Ferry had made good progress through the main channel whilst we weaved in and out of the islands dropping off and picking up passengers.

Arrived on the island.

The qth will be right at the bottom where pointing... about 3km walk.

Climbed up the lighthouse with SM7UCZ

What a view!

The light house keepers cottage.

About to set up the W3EDP

View of operating position, setting up from the top of the light house.

 Note the beer... essential DXpeditioners refreshment in hot sun!

 Unofficial DXpedition observers. Johnny SM7UCZ and Christine XYL

 The vertical dipole I used, search this blog for how I made it... it is RG174, credit cards and power poles between the sections. I used on 20m, 17m and 15m changing bands took seconds. Only qso on 20m though!

I also ran a W3EDP that ran from the top of the light house to the operating table (decking).

Utlipann in distance, follow the wood plane and the small spike on the horizon is another light house (and IOTA)
Island had several of these all in flower, lots of bees... did not see hives though.
You start at the top left where the red star is and walk from one island to the other.

One happy DXpeditioner... different ferry and route back to SM7UCZ QTH.

Was spotted in cluster a few times:

MM0GZZ-@       14260.0 SM/M1KTA     dominic eu138                      1136 18 Jun   Sweden
E77TH          14260.0 SM/M1KTA                                        1130 18 Jun   Sweden
EA2WD          14260.0 SM/M1KTA     EU-138  Utlangan Island            1120 18 Jun   Sweden
HA6VH          14260.0 SM/M1KTA                                        1106 18 Jun   Sweden
DL8JS-@        14260.0 SM/M1KTA     iota eu-138,,qrp 5 watts,,         1056 18 Jun   Sweden
GM0EGI         14260.0 SM/M1KTA     5 watts from eu-138                1035 18 Jun   Sweden

No NA stations... logs were paper, I will qsl via LoTW and qsl card when get back to UK. About 200 qso all SSB logged will see what EU-037 brings should be CW as well from the Sandvik campsite.

Managed to work OY/M1BXF mid pile up (his not mine) qrp ssb after a dozen beers too but I think QSB was very fast and deep!

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