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Sunday, 25 November 2012

160m CQWW qrp

Well not expecting anything too surprising but playing with possible 160m antennas.

This is a 10m fishing pole, whole network of radials and I also connected to the shack earth side too.

The coil is wound ona 50mm pvc pipe and is bunches of 50 turns and some random numbers of turns in the middle, until it became resonant... about 1825-1850.

Anyway KX3 up and running and sending cq....

Ah well no response... so either antenna doesn't work, or noone hears me :-)

1 comment:

M1KTA said...

16:00 and I can hear LN9Z, DR1A, RX9CAZ, G3JMJ, LY7M, 9H1TU?, DL8QS, DJ4AX, OM3LK ... but they cannot hear me.

Added an extra ground stake in (6 foot of 22mm copper pipe and 6mm earth wire, directly into the underground river below surface).

Looks like vertical doesn't work for TX QRP here :-)