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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cumbria DSP

I will do another order with Farnell as there are enough enquiries.

I might (as asked) also add the other bits and connectors.

You will have to get boards from Ron (G4GXO) I will not stock them, as asked I will not build a DSP board up and I cannot program the chip for you either. I provide no support for the board and if you fry a component you are on your own.

To program the board the simplest option is probably to obtain MPLAB's PICKit3 which Ron referred to in his talk, it and the RJ11 ICSP cable will set you back £45 from MPLABS. Ron includes the HEX code in the Cumbria site downloads along with the source code for those brave enough to try and play. Please do not ask me for them.

If interested in a component set contact me but I will be picking and packing current sets right now.

I have enquiries from US and Australia as well as UK!

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