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Monday 24 September 2012

Plastic ground screw

Chance spot in a garden centre.... plastic ground screws.

Just like the ones from Lidl a while back (which are galvanised steel) but this time tough plastic, take the metal rod out that is used to 'plant them' and they are so light weight. 660g with the metal rod insert, 560g without!

As one that does the DX bit from time to time and on flights I thought I just had to get a couple (4 to replace those I have for the beach 80/40 4 square). Already checked they are fine for different 10m and 12m poles. They have a reduction insert for smaller diameter poles too, I'll probably jettison everything not needed and sort out some thing to screw them in locally.

Pillimore Garden Centre, Melborn.

I paid £9.95 each they can be bought cheaper...


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M1KTA said...

Product update....