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Monday, 30 January 2012

Dipole centres, trap formers. Free.

Hi got a number of these after building the workshop... every unit had 4 of these but didn't use them on most so got about 50 of these. Rather than going into the bin... they are some sort of ABS type plastic and didn't seem to suffer in a microwave.

If you have a dipole or windom antenna and need a centre, perhaps with a ferrite rod balun etc then these might suit.

The inside diameter is about 25mm or 1 inch with about 5 1/2" or 140mm inside length and the top screws on.

There are small holes in the cap (one) and the non screw end which means any water ingress would have an escape... you could fill those if needed though.

Free to any that want one, first come first served...but you'll need to send me a self addressed jiffy bag. Note the postage must be a LARGE packet stamp not a first class one.

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