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Sunday 5 December 2010

Mag Loop

Just posting this as not QRT.

The WX here in Mechelen (Belgium) had been snowing for the last week. So I have taken a mag loop antenna built by Clive (M5CHH) (from G4TPH design) I have put it up suspended in the open door way out to the patio.

I determined that the door was 100% uPVC not metal framed and there does not appear to be any chnage in coupling with the door closed or open. The sealed windows are some metal looking but doesn't seem to effect the loop.

Just thought you might like to see these:

This is the loop on 40m :-)

This is the loop on 30m :-)

This is the loop on 20m :-)

I am about to go out to find a place were I can get some AA batteries for The 30m QRSS beacon I obtained from Han (G0UPL) and Steve (G0XAR). So hopefully ON/M1KTA should be QRV on 30m shortly.

The land lord still will not allow an external antenna so this looks like a good option.

BTW the pictures grabbed from MiniVNA Java software. Putting it on a contunous loop makes tuning dead easy.

Not tried a different balun that will give me 10m yet. I used 10 x 400mm legs to make up the loop. I'll post a photo soon.

I'll run it with the FT817 later.

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