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Tuesday 12 January 2010


As opposited to the Miss Mosquito 40m rig from this is a very minimal TCVR using a single IRF510 MOSFET. The above is for 40m and I think mine will be too, but might make it for 80m or 30m as well. The changes are crystal and LPF.

Mine will be a manhatten build and the bare board and chassis with initial pad layout looks like this:

I used a 100mA 6-0-6/240 transformer for the audio and M3 Nylon mounting screws for the IRF510 and transformer. The little black square top right is a 1:1 600:600 ohm isolation transformer for use with PC sound card. I haven't figured out if I'll put a 12V DC socket on the front with the 4K7 pot or just have a pair of leads from the PCB. I think I will rotate the IRF510 though 180 degrees , use the central heatsink hole and as it is isolated from the PCB add a flange to the tab for the drain and not use the central pin (chop it off?), then the key input will be brought to a socket on the front.

What is interesting is on they show the project using SDR. I'll pipe the audio from mine into a beta of Simon Brown HB9DRV SDR-Sadio software (

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