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Friday 22 January 2010

Manhattan Pads

Asked a few times... where do I get the 5mm round Manhattan Pads that can be seen in images.

Answer is I have a supply from few years back (David Walters) but he doesn't do them any more, and running out.

The easiest options are to either drill an island in PCB or create your own pads.

You could just snip squares off strips of PCB with tin snips which works pretty well or if you want nice circular pads you could use a Harbour Freight Punch like this one that I also mentioned earlier on the blog.

In UK there are the odd examples of this hand punch on ebay the latest is item 390142947372

New alternative pads MeSquares may also available from GQRP sales which are originally from W1REX at

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I bought one of the punches on eBay (which was rather more expensive than the equivalent in the USA) though I have yet to use it to make any Manhattan pads. Perhaps I should go into mass production and sell the results on eBay. :)

I still prefer stripboard even though I find it a struggle to convert a circuit into a stripboard layout.