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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

MiniVNA Extender PCB

Last April I bought a couple of these MiniVNA extender PCB from F1FRV but have not gotten around to building them yet. I will build one so the other is available.

Just to be clear.... as had a few enquiries about this.

I will not sell it, but I might swap it for something interesting.

As I homebrew a lot what PCB do you have for a project you never made (with components that are still available!)? A dip meter or some other bit of test kit. I am looking for a transformer impedance ratio meter... bit like this one

1 comment:

M1KTA said...

Quick comment as asked, the pcb is long gone sorry.

As for circuit etc check out the pages (join the group anyway) at
Got to Files
Then Product >>>>> miniVNA
then miniVNA-Extender
It's all there.