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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

GQRP Valve Day/Xtal post rigs

Click on either image to view larger.

"The Scrounger"

Capacitors on Xtal side are:

C1 Beehive trimmer

C2 100pF 500V silver mica

C3 0.02uF 500V ceramic disc.


No C on xtal side of the Paraset except the gimmic wire wound couple times around the anode connection.

I am using these valve TX and the "cat meow" effect occured with the Scrounger (First one I built) and when I tried to use a HC49 crystal with a small lamp in series to reduce the current flowing through the crystal the meow was the result. The same settings with a HC6 4MHz crystal had just worked.
Suggested I try this:
But not sure I have the values needed.

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