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Saturday, 24 November 2018

BERU 2019 Where to go?

The search for the next DX location for the BERU contest is underway.

Choices choices... Africa, Caribbean  or Pacific. Plenty of DX in the Commonwealth list and more than a few have decent IOTA targets too.

Reviewing how few of DXped have done from various locations over the past few years.

Looks like will probably end up in the Pacific but as application to some can take a while dropped in licence applications for 5 locations also covering other regions. Shame but right now VQ9 seems impossible to get to for a civilian even though looks like licence would be granted. Got to watch issues with flights in an out of some places with all the radio kit as some authorities have changed the ease of transit lately.

I expect will be right by the sea, well equipped with 4 square and decent VDA etc. Dual KX3 will probably be used and will try the arduino based homebrew SO2R setup again. I will add SDR RX and WSPR to the mix as well as some ATS-3B and mcHF activity.

Depending on the location I expect the mid day RF blackspot I might fill with some satellite work (if applicable). FT-817 and a simple Arrow clone.

Interested to hear any suggestions (hopefully from those that have been there not just an armchair DX request)


jmac said...


As I recall, in the lunchtime lull at C6PYE we had lunch :)

Seriously though, VFC has the logs and it might be worth a look to see what we did and when - as I recall it was about the same week too!


M1KTA said...

Thanks John,

Yes I was E51KTA at time you were there (2017) and I managed a 20m QSO just as C6APY was packing up.