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Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Bob lent me his BERU PA to have a look at.

These are the photos....

Using an Elecraft EC2 enclosure as a size gauge.

Top cover off

The QSK is managed with a mezzanine board from HardRock-50 project, note the use of SMA connectors.

 LPF is that from a PIC-A-STAR G4TZR, using the Farnell 500V capacitors I note

VSWR in a tin plate box, along with control cables to a com port. The blue capacitor is across the input DC.

Front panel LCD with simple switch (in use doesn't tell you much just it is powered on, band in use and the vswr/pwr out). Honestly do they need to say more? This was a PICAXE project the controller is behind the front panel.

Rear input side.... BNC RF, phono is PTT, Anderson power pole DC input and comport for band switch info from rig


Rear output side. The two cooling fans are 24V versions I think running at 6V.
Under the black heatsink is the G6ALU




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