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Tuesday 2 February 2016

Si570 for UHFSDR

Just ordered some Si570 for the 432cm version of the UHFSDR.... Si570 I had (From KM5H and Si themselves) would have done HF fine but didn't have the top end frequency range I needed.

Lets hope they turn up..

Custom Part Number Specification:
Part Number570ABA001689DG
Model NumberSi570
Startup Frequency (MHz)514.000000
I2C Address55 (Hex)
Supply Voltage3.3 V
OE PolarityOE active high
Stability+/- 31.5 ppm
Frequency Range10 - 945, 970 - 1134, 1213 - 1417.5 MHz
Operating Temp Range (°C): -40 to +85

1 comment:

M1KTA said...

Just turned up. Wow huge box in a box in another box... all for two tiny SMD chips.