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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Some random photos of trips as looked at a possible DX lighthouse locations

Earlier in the year I had had a long weekend in Majorca and I took the opportunity to look at a possible DX locations. Basically a rare square thing...

This is looking directly North into EU from the top of 300ft+ cliffs on the extreme North East of the island. Light house is behind me on right about 1500m away.

Some Sweden photos.

Portugal, the lighthouse at extreme West of country and most westerly mainland EU bit. (Again big cliffs)

But don't forget Garpen (operated RSGB IOTA 2014 from there).

This has to be one of the best lighthouse operating locations yet.

Not quite as  rare IOTA or DXCC wise as the Ile de Goree AF045 in Senegal 6W but you get decent sized EU pile ups so don't need a lot of kit with you.

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