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Monday 13 April 2015

C5 QSL cards are here from FDS... will start going out.

I'll be going through all the direct, buro and club log (direct and buro) cards first then will go through the remaining IOTA AF-060 (2015) which will go via BURO then all the other main land ones, I will send the BERU contest ones last. Then all the 2014 cards not sent out already will go out.

Please note I will NOT upload anything to LoTW for a while... if you want need a confirmation then use club log and order a card, will probably be quicker. IOTA AF-060 only real cards count anyway for IOTA awards .... go figure.

Donations ARE accepted as this has cost me a lot more than I have had in so far.

All cards will be being HAND written and I will cross check with my own logs if was a buro or direct request (I also have audio files if any qso is in question) ... unlike SM7 or KH8 IOTA trips no direct $20 qsl card requests yet with no qso in the log :-)

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