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Tuesday 13 May 2014

Make 6 band ATS-3B a 7 band ATS-3B

Adding 60m to the ATS-3B. Been working with Colin G8TMV and he did all the heavy lifting code wise and built himself a filter module and recoded my ATS-3B... I just built a filter module and fit it.

It works...

Did this one handed so camera a bit shaky.

Some photos

The toroids are not in place yet, I used T37-6 in place of the suggested 15uH choke.

More details:


Almost done with the new filter. No T30's, T25 too small so used some T37 and adjusted turns... I'll align the filter this evening with VNA.
33K 0805 SMT R. BTW 1206 or 0603 (maybe a little bridge needed with the smallest size) would also fit fine.

I used 17T #26 on a T37-6 core for the 15uH choke.... checked with meter.
54T #26 on T37 will go around the core about 1.5 times so I spread the turns out a bit. The 5T link is the output

Plugged into ATS-3 detects it fine and switches to 60m and you get the '6' in cw indicating the band and the '6' on the display.

On 12 May 2014 20:31, Colin Tuckley [GQRP] <> wrote:
  For those club members who have one of Steve Weber's ATS3B QRP 6 band CW
transceivers, you might be interested in the updated firmware that I've
just uploaded to the Yahoo Group for the radio.

Version 3.3 has all of the known bugs fixed.

Support is also included for the 60m (5MHz) band.
This makes the rig a *7* band rig.

Band module details for the new band are:

RF1 33k 0508 SMT Resistor
LF1 T30-2 red toroid with 20 turns
LF2 T30-2 red toroid with 22 turns
LF3 T37-2 red toroid with 54 turns and 5 turn link winding
LF4 15uH moulded inductor
C1F 470pF
C2F 1000pF
C3F 100pF
C4F 470pF
C5F 33pF
C6F 4.7pF
CT2 60pF Trimmer
CT3 60pF Trimmer

If you don't want to sacrifice an existing band module then I believe
Steve might have some spare band module pcbs. I also have a few since I
cloned the pcb layout and got some made.

Starting soon, I will be working on a 60m modification for the MTR based
on earlier work done by Dave, VK2DDJ and Peter, G4ISJ


Colin G8TMV

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