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Monday 2 September 2013

M1KTA old shack is no more, new shack to come

The M1KTA shack that has done it's duty for 10 year is now no more.

After all those late night freezing mornings during contests in the early years I finally installed 2" insulation and it became a welcome retreat in which I and a few others operated....

It will be much missed.

A new shed like this will be replacing it.


VE9KK said...

It looks very sharp and lots of windows that in the cooler months when it is sunny will help warm up the key! Keep up posted with updates of how the construction is coming along.

M1KTA said...


Progress, right now (just got a new job working from home) the shed base has been shuttered as going to make a new concrete base before shed arrives that covered whole area of previous and next to it AND at same level!.

Nice wx in UK right now but I expect that will change by w/e. It will not go below freezing though which is only worry if making concrete although I know that a good squirt of washing up liquid in mix if it is freezing using makes it possible.

Given location I expect a few animal tracks to appear :-)

Taking opportunity to renew cable runs, networking & telephone (multiple CAT5e cables), electric new 6mm and RF RG213 and Aircell15 will also be laid, all in current conduit from house using old cables as the draws.