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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Almost finished the office/shack base

It is raining but only drizzle, has been pouring down with rain last few days.

Once this all sets the idea is remove all the shuttering and replace with 'nice looking' edge board (probably decking plank) and then I will cover the base in a thin layer of 10mm gravel (pea shingle). The wooden bearers will then go directly on the gravel, which will act as drain for any water that does get to the base. The base has a very slight slope on it anyway to make sure water drains.

The 3"/75mm wooden bearers are pressure treated (from Dunster house with the cabin) but you will see behind me I have a small tub of creosote that I will paint the bearers with, it is sitting on two roll of damp proof polythene (same used in house walls) over them and nail them to the bearers before the floor boards go down.

The idea is that it will stop any damp from coming UP through the floor.

The old shed I added the same damp proof polythene between the bearers and the floor boards and it stopped the floor boards getting damp.

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