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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Homebrew desolder braid

I have some lengths of ratty RG-213 and RG-8 that I pulled the core out of and use for all sorts of hook ups and I use the braid for desoldering, you should 'treat it first'. My Dad (67) showed me this a while ago, he located a tin (looked a bit like neutral boot polish) of flux paste, not plumbers stuff but that can work too. You paint the braid with the flux and warm it to let it run through the braid (don't heat really hot so it smokes) and let the excess flux dip off. Then allow the section (12" lengths) to cool down and put them in a plastic bag. When need it you use as if it were 'proper desolder braid.

It saved a fortune and who has not got random old lengths of coax ?

You could use almost any coax but the ones with untinned copper braid is best, using RG174 will give you fine braid but even TV coax braid works.

If the braid is green and horrid it doesn't work as well:-)

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