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Wednesday 5 January 2011

QRP2004 Build day 1 PHOTOS

Series of photos as the boards are made up.
First clean all the boards
Then iron on the film (audio board as example)
The peel off the film (control board as example)
All the boards then same again bit touched up.
As they come out of the etch, note I use red electrical tape on the reverse
ground plane.
The resist layer cleaned off.
Pair of boards about to be etched
A simple Sodium Persulphate etch bath (note the blue colour is from the copper
in solution)

1 comment:

M1KTA said...

Yes as asked already... no problem etching the tracks for the AD9834/5 DDS this way.

I use Sodium Persulphate or Ferric Chloride. I tend to prefer the later if doing SMD as thesolution is a bit clearer and use the bath you see which isn't so 'violent' and you do not get what I think is called etch under.

I produced these boards with the laser set on draft and just 300dpi, hence the spotty appearance.

The tinning was done in a bath of Thiourea Tin solution (seriously smelly stuff). I have a photo will add it later.