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Sunday, 16 January 2011

QRP2004 Control Board - Day 2

The prepared Control PCB is fitted with all the IDC sockets and wire links including all the wire links through the board so the ground plane is connected both sides. In the above photograph you can see I have prepaced some of the components before continuing. On the reverse side there are just two wire links, 5 2K2 SMD resisors and the ST232 SOP SMD IC. Note if you are going to use the project group PCB masks you need to use the ST232CWR WIDE body version.

I am building from one of the component sets I previously put together, I printed off a copy of the yahoo group spreadsheet to mark off the components. I have a number of bags that I have presorted the components into according to the boards.

The LCD connections to the Control Board I have used a SIL connection  strip and it is connected to the LCD by a length of ribbon cable. The 7805 regulator will need mounting hardware as well.

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