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Sunday 3 May 2009

WinKey USB

Took a break from SMT stuff for a bit (IQPro) and just finished building a kit that arrived Friday. The WinKey USB from K1EL. Took just over an hour to complete and worked first time, into dummy load tried out with Wintest. I have gone for the option to add batteries so I can run it free standing as well as with a PC.

I have the old Winkey Serial interface that I built a while back but I do not travel with a laptop with a COM port so as per many operator I have updated this. Not that I operate CW much from QTH or /P but I am sending more and hopefully this will help.

These are the official images my own build is identical.

Two gripes though...
1. What is with the damned phone connectors? Why not 3.5mm jacks. Anyway I guess I'll be making up some leads too.
2. The rest of the enclosure is printed so why not the 4 buttons on top?

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