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Wednesday 26 November 2008

MKARS 80m tcvr

Bought a kit at Leicester Rally and will be a kit for Xmas holidays.

The reverse tuning is a bit odd which is probably what interested me.

As my QTH is only c40 miles East of MKARS/Betchley Park I expect I might visit once operational.

I took all the parts out once arrived home, before dutifully putting it into one of the clear boxes I use for storing build projects in the shack. So far I can see I might experiment with a slightly larger case using an air spaced variable (another Leicester purchase) and a reduction drive for tuning or might try the varicap mod with a 10 turn pot (bought a whole box of various values both recycled and new at GQRP rally), definitely will add an in case battery holder which will also be used by rechargable batteries, a little L match ATU so self contained for /P, I find the W3EDP antenna works well for 80m and finally will have to paint it some luminous/gawdy colour scheme so a trip to B&Q to see what colour spray enamel paints are available is needed.

After spending last year in HB9 I discovered the benfit of using lock 'n' lock boxes for homebrew in cold & wet /P conditions so might investigate using one possibly as the enclosure not just transport in a rucksack/bicycle pannier.