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Wednesday 8 June 2022

TE-2101 antenna analyzer

 This is tiny.

Amazing bit of homebrew.

The manual is in Japanese but the block diagram explains how it works


nifty bit of engineering with the case (3D printed and bent acrylic sheet). The PCB doubles up as support of the OLED and the uPC and battery charger are on separate PCB underneath. The components are gnat shite size though! This is some nice homebrew.

Looks like they are building some more...

Just fitting battery.
Mine is 180mAH so lot smaller than original.

Small battery fitted


at just 80grams, this will be a good one for /p operations for sure. It doesn't work without the battery inside but it will work (and keep recharging from USB if it is) so I suspect one of those USB power packs might be useful.

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