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Friday, 13 July 2018

QRPGuys UnUnPlus

One of the antennas for RSGB IOTA Contest as M1K from St Agnes EU011.

My build... will update as it goes.

Layout all the parts and check with the circuit diagram.

 I can see I have a spare capactor indicator plate but a missing 470ohm resistor. No harm got one in the 'junkbox'

Why do  some find some torroids so hard to wind?
The FT37-43 SWR indicator torroid is not hard.

Watch the orientation of the zip ties as you pass them through the board if you want them to sit flat.

C1 & C2 yes you have to modify, not hard just be really careful taking off the plastic. I use a little bench vice and hacksaw and just cut a couple of slots.

T1. I changed the provided tie wraps for green and orange ones but the provided ones are fine.

T2. again I changes the provided tie wraps for blue and yellow ones

There the kit ends so will have to add wires etc...

I suspect if gets wet might be fun so will craft a cover of sorts.

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M1KTA said...

Got wet <30mins after putting up and was simply hopeless trying to get it to work with water in the poly caps and the switch. Definitely needs a cover BEFORE putting up if going to be wet.