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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

ATX-100 Instructions

Forgot mine so asked home to send me a copy and I added to blog just in case.

My antenna has seen loads of use and it works IF you use the little grey cells, it isn't a 3 el yagi or a decent dipole at 70 feet so if you think about how you use it you will be fine.

10-80m but will do 6m and 4m too and although I never did will also cover 2m... after all 1/4 wavelength is 19" but you can also get it to be 5/8 as well see instructions. You have a 48" whip 10 sections about 4" per section I'm sure the maths isn't too hard to work out. That said I have a length of yellow cord with knots tied in it for the lengths and tape with the length on them at the knots.

Note the section with the BIG gap goes to the end closest to the radio or the tap points will be all messed up.

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