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Monday, 23 February 2015

Testing battery for C5

Got the same type of motorbike battery will have in C5... testing operation...

They sell them dry and you add electrolyte (sulphric acid)... They will then have 9.5AH charge and will run what I need for more than couple hours.
Will recharge constantly at 0.9A from Pro-peak smart recharger, using a PSU.

So in the photo.. At the back left, a PSU... actually the workbench one but doesn't matter.... output is 12V... into the Yellow (front left) smart charger (will do Pb, Li, NiMH, NiCd batteries and in all sorts of combinations, mine is the one that has small charge/discharge rates, no fan so silent), from there to the battery... I have meter in series (just to see the charge rate) and a small ebay voltage LED module across the battery. It takes about 12 hours from flat to recharge it.... I should only need it in C5 twice (not this actual battery but another like it.

I can also just shove 13.8V into the battery at 2-3 amps (got a couple limit resistors and 6 amps diodes in a set of leads already (wirewound 10W things) but that will wreak the battery, long term but will recharge in only a few hours, which I might do for the trip last day if I do not need it after. I'll give back to the place I bought it after.
If operating from the hotel mains (might be possible) then will use PSU and the recharger at same time ... It is RF quiet I know this already.

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