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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

C5 AF-060 photos

In order they were on the camera....

The boat that took me to AF-060

 And Christine (not a radio amateur)

The Gambia coast... about mile or so into the Atlantic.... note the typical warm/hot Gambia weather... not that  day, it was cold!
I set-up literally as the boat landed so was away from the bird nesting areas. As required by the warden. Note the seaweed I was at high water mark!

Christine carried on walking as I operated...

Terns... lots of them... I think called carrot terns (beaks looks like carrots)


The remains of the old lighthouse is a prize nesting site and the highest thing on the islands. Don't think I'd like to be here in rough weather though as the waves could cover this place. It is a big sand bar really.


Terns... and see the little baby terns too.

Sort of fluffy grey with orange legs and beaks.
 Me operating photo taken from the lighthouse... note water had gone out a bit since arrived.... that is the Gambia coast in the back ground.

When I started I was almost sitting in the water... this was as dry as it got.
 The guide (in orange top) and the boat man on the left.

Stuffing the most important bit inside the life jacket the log book!

bye bye bijol islands...

Dropped camera... so I knackered it I think...

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