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Friday, 3 July 2009

PW transistor tester

Just opened post after being away fro few days /P operating (FT817 and MPX-100) from bicycle as cycled from Cambridge to Lincoln. PW was one of the magazines and I noted the transistor tester, I built an M-Cubed semiconductor tester kit bought at FDIM 2008 a while back and this looks interesting so will have a go at building it.

If like me you canot pass those stalls at rallies with lots of cheap transistors but not sure what they are beyond NPN or PNP or those odd power transistors for a PSU or PA project and cannot take a risk on a possible dud purchase then perhaps consider a cheap transistor tester like the one in this months PW, designed by M1GRY. I am going to buy a number of the jaycar cases for this and other test kit projects and going to order 10 or more which will mean they will be cheaper individually if anyone is going to buy/build one of these perhaps get in touch (UK only!) and I'll let you know costs. Rather than Maplin/Farnell/Jab etc I have found that fleabay regularly has some cheap 2x16 back light LCD displays too.Images to follow....

Design was by M1GRY.

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