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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Another batch of PCB etched

As did all the shopping etc for xmas happy to put my feet up. And whilst doing that made up some new etch and used a new digital thermometer to check the bath is at 50 degrees C. The etch was really fast this time.

Just finished drying off the latest batch of PCB and what I especially like is no yellow/brown stains on everything. The solution turns a little blue/green, probably from the marker /cd pen I used. The boards are naturally yellow/green

These are top left; a N3ZI LCD display controller boards, top right; a Freakin' Beacon controller, bottom left; KD1JV (see earlier post) and botton right; one of the RD16HHF1 Mosfet PA boards (sea earlier post).

Whilst waiting for the etch I melted a little solder for a couple of N6BM projects, the Miniboots II PA and an LC Meter. The LC meter design is actually from MARC VK3BHR LC Meter Project - Mk.II but Wayne had reworked the PCB layout. I have a nice desktop calculator style case that one will go into.