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Tuesday 16 January 2018

C6AKT BERU Propogation (was from G3TBK originally)

From C6AKT I suspect I'll roughly follow this plan...
Z being 5 hours ahead of local Bahamas time.
So 10:00z will be 05:00 local time.

Was originally written when conditions were a lot better though.


       10:00z    3.5 MHz        VE, Other Carib, VK for first few minutes
       10:30z    7 MHz            VE, VK
       11:30z        14 MHz        G, VE, Other Carib
       12:30z    21MHz        Med,
       12:35z    14 MHz        G, VE
       13:00z    21 MHz        VE, G, Africa other Carib
       14:00z    still 21 MHz, as above + VP8 also wkd on 28 MHz
       14:30z    28  MHz        Short opening to VE, Africa
       14:45z    21 MHz        VE, G, Africa
       15:00 – 18:00z     Mostly 21 MHz, but short spells on 28 MHz to VE
       18:00        14 MHz        G, VE
       20:00        28 MHz        short opening to VE7, ZL
       20:00-22:00  14, 21, 28        short openings, VE, VK, ZL, Africa
       22:00        7 MHz            G, VE, 9M2,
       22:45-23:00 14 MHz        VE6, VE7
       23:00-23:45  21, 28    MHz        VK, ZL Short reliable opening
       23:45        7 MHz            G, VE
       00:15        3.5 MHz
       00:30        21 MHz        VK    Very short opening
       01:00        7 MHz            G, VE
       01:15        3.5 MHz        G Very fast rate
       01:40        7 MHz            G Very fast rate
       02:30        3.5 MHz        G, VE, Mediterranean
       03:30        7 MHz            VE, Mediterranean
       03:45        14 MHz        ZL, VK Short reliable opening
       04:00        3.5 MHz        G
       04:20        14 MHz        ZL, VK
       04:40        3.5 MHz        G, VE very strong
       06:50        7 MHz            G VE, Very fast rate
       09:00 until end 7 or 3.5 MHz    Very slow, VE, VK on grayline in last few minutes

As QRP don't think it will matter but if there are any sunspots there might be an opening to G on 28 MHz between 13:00 and 18:00 and another opening to G on 21 MHz. I'll also try to grab any other local stations at that time.

Advised that whenever rate slows it is important to check other bands,
especially during the night, as there are often short unpredicted
openings. I'll have a second KX3 and couple SDR's so might 'park those on the non active bands so can spot 'openings'.

Unless find out otherwise I should be the only C6 QRV in BERU which will make me an immediate multiplier for many but I need to watch out for others like V31GX who will be the same for me those QSO will effect scores.

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