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Sunday 11 December 2016

Powercut Friday... grrr

Seems the power cut on Friday (only 4 mins or so it seems) shut off lots in the shack and workshop. I was wondering why stuff was in a wierd state when realised that the shack webserver had restarted.

Half is on UPS other half isn't.

Time to buy some new UPS I think, don't really want to bodge it by adding a car battery to extend runtime as the UPS are line interactive. 500VA units look cheap as chips these days.

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Anonymous said...

Car batteries are built to deliver high current for a brief period, then be recharged. Running them down with a UPS is a good way to abuse them. If you are getting an extra battery, best to get one built for deep cycle use.

A caution, some have reported that cheap UPS units rely on the battery running down before the inverter overheats - extra battery would not be good there unless you were running at only a fraction of the output capacity.