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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I'll be the DX station from two different DXCC August 2012

Confirmations have come through so I'll be QRV in 2 DXCC West Africa, Senegal 15th - 22nd August and Gambia 22nd - 29th August this Summer.

Callsigns will be 6W/M1KTA and C5 trying for C5/M1KTA :-)

Will be QRV SSB, PSK and CW (in that order) on most HF bands.

I'll also try 6m if open from Senegal.

Note I'll have LoTW uploads active and will not qso stations which are obvious dupes.

I'll post further plans close to trip.

Found it's way into the DXaily DX and other bulletins...

M1KTA, Dom, is traveling to West Africa next month.  His first stop
will be in Senegal where he will be QRV as 6W/M1KTA from August 15th
to 22nd.  Next stop will be in The Gambia where he has asked for his
own call and is waiting for confirmation.  He’ll be there from August
22nd to 29th.  Activity will be mostly QRP on SSB, PSK and CW.  He’ll
have an FT-897, FT-817 and a new KX3.  He is hoping to be able to use
LoTW from the get go and throughout his operations. 

I will have a QRSS beacon or two with me as well so QRSS fans please look for me on 30m and other bands. More details to follow.

I have been asked a lot for details about how to get the licences for these DXCC and other logistics. I will post the details here, or you might find the trip written up in SPRAT, RadCom or CDXC digest?

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