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Monday, 27 February 2012

DX station web log

I have always wondered how do the DX stations update their logs so those web site search thingies work? There they are, say there are 5 of them in between operating, eating, sleeping and doing the necessary, and are hammering away through the pile ups and the qrm but how does that fact that I just had a contact a hour before with a station that is on a island in the middle of absolutely nowhere end up in a searchable log!

Cannot be some bod sitting at home listening in and updating it.

I'm thinking about a trip during this summer (maybe someone else might be interested in coming along) and one thing that concerns me is as will be a week long and as seems to be pretty high up the DXCC wanted list is the station dupe to make sure they are 'in the log'.

Now I'll be one station and operating one band/mode at a time not like some monster DXpedition and will not be able to switch between them that easily....anyway this happened a couple times in 2008 when I was 3B8/M1KTA and again in 2010 as HB0/M1KTA often accompanied with a request could I try another mode/band. In at least one case I already had them, didn't realise until later.

The internet connectivity there is well non existent and certainly not at what most are used to with broad band speeds but I am guessing an ADIF log could be sent to somewhere maybe. If the planning logistics so far have been anything to go by I have to do half by fax and normal telephone.

Going to be doing some searches to work it out.

Might be interested in comments. Which DXCC is planned I am going to stay quiet until it becomes more concrete... I do have the licence contact now :-)

Oh yes I'll be taking some QRSS beacons with me and might attempt WSPR too.

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